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About Leadership

If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.

At Taylor Station, our leadership team is dedicated to delivering exceptional care and guiding our organization towards excellence. Led by our CEO, they foster a culture of innovation and compassion, ensuring that our services align with the latest advancements in healthcare. They prioritize patient safety and satisfaction, collaborating with healthcare professionals and staff to provide coordinated and seamless care.

Our leaders value transparency and open communication, creating an environment where ideas are valued and everyone is empowered to contribute. They stay at the forefront of healthcare through ongoing professional development and strategic planning, anticipating and addressing the evolving needs of our patients and community. Their shared passion for excellence and commitment to patient well-being make them the driving force behind Taylor Station’s reputation as a trusted provider and pillar of our community.

Meet the Doctors

Professional Doctors

Shailesh Patel


Ellen Bailey

Colon Rectal Surgeon

Charles Taylor

Colon Rectal Surgeon

Karamjit Koko Khanduja

Colon Rectal Surgeon

Jaswant Madhavan

Colon Rectal Surgeon

Mark Lindsey

Colon Rectal Surgeon

Thomas Kramer


Adam Zochowski

General Surgery

Brandon Murphy

General Surgery

Bryan Grischow, DO

General Surgery

Fernando Aguila

General Surgery

Jason Keith

General Surgery

Kristine Slam

General Surgery

Shane Brown

General Surgery

Gregory Holland

Plastic Surgery

David Kaplansky


Craig Berg


Madhuri Kurup


Maurice-Pierre Pagé

General Surgery

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