A Pledge to Our Patients

In keeping with the Mission of Taylor Station Surgical Center, we are dedicated to meeting your healthcare needs, and to treating you with the respect, dignity, and consideration each person deserves. In your care and treatment you have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity, respect, and consideration.
  • Complete confidentiality and to have your personal privacy and safety maintained.
  • Receive quality care, regardless of age, race, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation, diagnosis, or ability to pay.
  • Receive care that is respectful of your personal values and beliefs and to participate in the consideration of ethical issues that may arise in your care.
  • Be believed if you say you have pain and to have your pain managed as individually and effectively as possible.
  • Receive a timely response to your request for services and to have all persons who have contact with you clearly identified by name and function.
  • Receive the information necessary to enable you to make treatment decisions that reflect your needs and to have access to the information contained in your medical record.
  • Receive a notice describing how your medical information may be used and disclosed and to request restrictions on specific uses and disclosures of private health information.
  • Collaborate with your physician to make decisions regarding your plan of treatment.This includes the right to accept or refuse medical care as permitted by law and to be informed of the medical consequences of such refusal.
  • Formulate Advance Directives which may include a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and a Living Will.
  • Be informed about outcomes of care, including unanticipated outcomes.
  • Participate in planning for your care after discharge.
  • Receive, prior to your procedure or at time of arrival, information on how to express a concern or complaint concerning the quality of your care.
  • Receive, upon request, a copy of your bill in a timely manner, an explanation of the bill, assistance in filing insurance forms and arranging financial payment options.
  • Patient Responsibilities.

Good health care means that you and/or your family will need to participate in your treatment. As a patient of Taylor Station Surgical Center, you are responsible to:

  • Provide accurate information about yourself, your past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other health matters.
  • Ask for pain relief when pain first begins and tell your doctor or nurse if pain is not relieved.
  • Request additional information or clarification if needed.
  • Provide a copy of your written Advance Directives (Living Will or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care) if you have one and/or inform the center of your DNR status.
  • Inform your physician(s) and other caregivers if you anticipate problems in following prescribed treatment.
  • Provide necessary information for insurance claims and for working with the surgery center to make payment arrangements, when necessary.
  • Understand that we do our best to accommodate your needs and the needs of our other patients.
  • Recognize the impact your lifestyle may have on your personal health.


Call us today at 614-751-4466 with any questions or concerns that you may have. You can also check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.