Colorectal cancer is the second most common type of cancer diagnosed in men and women. It is preventable, treatable and beatable when caught early.
Mount Carmel Health System, the leadership of Taylor Station Surgery Center (TSSC), and the following physician providers have combined forces to promote colon health through the implementation of the Mount Carmel Colon Health Program (CHP).

Participating Physicians
Ellen Bailey M.D.
Karamjit Khanduja M.D. (CHP Medical Advisor)
Mark Lindsey M.D.
Jaswant Madhavan M.D.
Anantha Padmanabhan, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Jeffrey Sams M.D.
Charles Taylor III, M.D.

The objectives and goals of the CHP are to provide patient focused care. The CHP is comprised of five services that collectively focus on prevention, screening and treatment of colorectal cancer. The five services are:

1. Community Outreach and Education
Community outreach and education is the backbone of the program. We are working with MCHS Church Ministries and Community Outreach to schedule opportunities to provide education about colorectal cancer prevention and screening in the community.

We will assist with referrals and scheduling, provide additional education and information about the procedure, bowel prep and answer any questions that someone may have.

An important aspect of the program is the provision to ensure that every patient has a primary care physician. For those that don’t, we will refer the patient to an appropriate MCHS provider for future medical care.

2. Screening Colonoscopy Program
This program provides a means for uninsured or under-insured patients to get a screening colonoscopy regardless of their ability to pay. We are working with Mount Carmel Health Stations (provider of care for the underserved) to directly refer appropriate patients to the program.

3. Inpatient Outreach and Education
This is another way to provide education about the importance of colorectal cancer prevention and screening.

4. Site Specific Colorectal Cancer Navigation
MCHS has a dedicated colorectal oncology nurse navigator to facilitate continuity of care when a cancer diagnosis is made.

5. Multidisciplinary Care Conferences
With the addition of a Colorectal Fellowship Program (FY 2014), a weekly multidisciplinary care conference will be held to discuss colorectal patient care.

Donate To Colon Health Program

Once connected to the Mount Carmel Foundation website, you will need to choose “Colon Health Program” in the designation drop down menu.

Donations will fund screening colonoscopies for the Mount Carmel Colon Health Program.